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New! Lazy Days Lychee Gin is here!

Dancing Sands Lazy Day’s Lychee Gin 700ml Gift Box

$79.99 NZD

For our Lazy Days Lychee Gin we have commissioned a local Nelson artist to create a hand drawn illustration to adorn these gift boxes.  Made from FSC certified paper, and easily recyclable once you’ve enjoyed every last drop. Sip stylishly and sustainably.

Each box contains 1 x 700ml Lychee Gin

Lazy Days Lychee Gin is an ode to those days where you ‘should be’ doing lots but are deciding stuff it, adult responsibilities can wait while you do whatever the hell you want.  It’s different for all of us what these days look like; for some it’s a day tramping up a mountainside, for others it’s endless episodes of trash reality tv. Whatever your lazy day looks like, this is the gin for it.

Nose: Fresh lychee fruit bursts from this gin surrounded by warm citrus notes of orange, lemon, and kiwi fruit while an aromatic undertone of juniper sits beneath.

Taste: A sophisticated sweetness greets you up front with notes of golden kiwi fruit, oranges, lemons, lychee and syrupy dates supporting underneath. The fruit profile is surrounded by green notes from lime and coriander leaf with a hint of bitterness and is finished off by a long aniseed finish from the caraway seeds.

With tonic: Thirst quenching and elegantly sweet flavour of lychee greets you with subtle hints of lemon, the quinine brightens the supporting spice notes of the gin.

Tonic Pairing: We recommend East Imperial Light Tonic.

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