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Dancing Sands Wasabi Strength Gin 200ml

$29.99 NZD

200ml | 58% Alc./Vol.

A little bit special, this gin is inspired by the wasabi root that grows locally in Golden Bay. Unlike most wasabi (which is often coloured horseradish), real wasabi root does not have that same searing heat – but rather a clean, earthy finish that is perfectly suited to a navy strength gin.

Nose: Bright, peppery wasabi hits you first, followed by a wave of dried juniper, ground cardamom, with some subtle citrus aromas emerging with time.

Taste: A full, syrupy body is initially sweet, before a building wasabi spice and slightly resinous juniper takes hold, alongside orange rind, creamy almonds and green leaves.  The beauty of this gin is in its long savoury finish delivered by the kelp.

With tonic: Wasabi heat is softened to reveal the root’s delicate and aromatic flavour, soon joined sweet juniper and citrus zest, perfectly interplaying with the quinine.

Tonic Pairing: We recommend StrangeLove Dirty Tonic

Enjoy with a premium tonic or in a martini.  Also available in a full sized 700ml bottle.


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