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Tantilisingly Far Away

Operating a distillery in Golden Bay might seem impractical.  It is isolated from the rest of New Zealand, with just one long winding road in and out, which has road closures occurring often – it can be a bit of a logistical nightmare.  However Golden Bay’s natural beauty, and abundance of natural resources more than make up for its tricky location. 

Being based in Golden Bay has inspired us to create our uniquely flavoured gins: to be able to see beauty in the unusual, to not be constrained by tradition, that by taking away the rules you allow for natural creativity

We’ve included a few photos of our favourite places around Golden Bay. We hope you come visit one day and see all its beauty for yourself. 

– Sarah and Ben Bonoma


Te Waikoropupū Springs

Located a few km down the road from the Distillery, this is the clearest spring in the world.  To Māori the area of Te Waikoropupū is a taonga or treasure and a wāhi tapu, a place held in high cultural and spiritual regard, both locally and nationally.

There is an easy walking track that circles the bush around the springs, with a viewing platform to observe these special springs.

Wainui Falls

An easily accessible waterfall in beautiful Wainui Bay.  The track is an easy walk and can be enjoyed year round.

Wharariki Beach

Spectacular windswept coastline and a stunning remote beach, Wharariki and Cape Farewell are a must do when you visit Golden Bay.  Seals can be found on the beach during the summer months.

Tata Beach

One of Golden Bay’s best swimming beaches, Tata beach has golden sands, turquoise water and views of Motu and Ngawhiti, the Tata islands.

Farewell Spit

Stretching 35km this is one of the longest natural sandspits in the world.  It is a renowned bird sanctuary and wetland of international importance.  You can visit the first 4km of the spit yourself or take a 4WD tour.

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