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The clearest spring water in the world: Dancing Sands Spring.

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We take our name from the Dancing Sands Spring, one of the fresh water springs within Golden Bay’s Te Waikoropupū Springs — some the most clear, fresh water springs in the world. Each bottle of our Gin is blended with the water from the aquifer that feeds Dancing Sands Spring, allowing us to make the best possible Gin and perfect its taste.

The spring pumps water at an amazing 14,000 litres per second at a crisp 11ºC. The purity of the spring serves as inspiration for everything we do.

These symbolic springs are what guides the purpose of Dancing Sands.  To see beauty in the unusual, to not be constrained by tradition, that by taking away the rules you allow for natural creativity“.


When your quality standard is unrivaled, you make unrivaled products.

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Quality is at the centre of everything we do.

Dancing Sands has an obligation to make beautiful products that mirror our surroundings.  We relentlessly focus on quality through the entire product lifecycle – starting from the water that feeds the clearest spring in the world, to the ingredients that we hand select.


Our team distills, bottles, and labels every single bottle of Dancing Sands’ gin.

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Have you met our still, JC? She turns water into wine (gin) and is our workhorse. JC was born in 1981 in Germany, fathered by Jacob Carl the iconic still maker. German stills are steeped in centuries of tradition and excellence and we use a vapour distillation method to deliver quality, balance, and complexity.

We work in 150 litre batches, which gives us maximum control over quality. Using taste, temperature, and touch with every drop we make, no part of our craft is automated.


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All spirits start their journey as a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) liquid. Ours is made by milling grain, adding yeast which consumes naturally occurring sugars that creates alcohol and CO2 as by products.

evaporation and distillation


Our copper still is filled with alcohol and slowly heated. The key to distillation is that alcohol boils at 78.4oC, whereas water needs to reach 100oC. The alcohol evaporates and moves up the still separating itself from the water.



The alcohol vapour reaches the condenser and turns back into a liquid – a more concentrated alcohol with a new flavour profile imparted from the botanicals.

infusion and barreling


Post distillation, an additional infusion can be added (e.g. strawberries and rhubarb are infused to create our Sun-Kissed Gin) or the gin can be rested in wooden barrels (e.g. our Barrel Aged Gin).

Bottling gin


Spirits are blended with water to achieve its final alcohol strength, ours range from 37.5% to 58% ABV. It is then bottled, labelled, and sealed by hand before being shipped out of the distillery.

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